What's the Secret Behind the Best-Selling F-150?


Competition among different vehicle manufacturers is widespread. Everyone is always trying to outdo each other when it comes to features that they include in their vehicle models. Ford has seen great success with its Ford F-150 over the past 13 generations. The F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. year after year. If you have ever been behind the wheel of an F-150, then you understand why this is such a popular vehicle. If not, let's talk a bit about what the secret is behind this best-selling vehicle.

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How is Ford Driver Assist Technology Stopping Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road?

Ford Driver Assist Tech

A Brand New Study By Ford

Ford's Co-Pilot360 is making big news today thanks to a recent study that shows the new technology might just eliminate something that's plagued drivers since cars were first on the road. Backseat drivers, those vocal, highly annoying passengers who love to shout out commands to the drivers while the driver is attempting to drive, might just be a thing of the past if Ford has its way.

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The 2020 Ford F-Series Gets a New V8 Engine

2020 Ford Super Duty

The World's Largest V8 Engines

Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks will be rolling out their 2020 models this fall with one of the world's largest V8 engines which will increase many of the F-Series capabilities. To further sweeten the deal, these engines can be converted to run on natural gas, unlike previous strictly-diesel models which can save a lot of money at the pump.

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Why Millennials Love Ford SUVs

Millennials love Ford

Ford SUVs are strong with young buyers mainly because it was the SUV they grew up with. As a top seller for years, Millennials grew up in their parents Explorer or Expedition. Now, they want to get their own Ford SUV so they can enjoy years of reliable and carefree driving.

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How Do You Know When You Need Power Steering Fluid?

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

When your vehicle is low on power steering fluid, there are a number of signs that will present themselves. Know what these signs are will provide you with the alert needed to get your vehicle serviced. If you have experienced any of the following issues, now is the time to stop down to Surprise Ford. Our service center can check your power steering fluid levels. We will show you how you can add power steering fluid to your vehicle when this happens.

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Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Checking Engine for Problems

An engine can make very different noises depending on its size, how it is being driven and the condition that it is in. A variation in noises doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem. However, it is important to pay attention to any noise that seems out of the norm. You can get your vehicle checked out if you suspect that there is a problem. Remember that it is a lot easier to get your vehicle checked out while a problem is minor. When you leave that problem for a while then you face bigger and more expensive…

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The Updated 2019 Ford F-350 Explored

2019 Ford F-350

What's New for the 2019 Ford F-350?

For the newest models of Ford Super Duty trucks, Ford used military-grade aluminum alloy to reduce the weight of the body. With that saved weight, they have put in a heavy-duty steel frame and chassis for an incredibly durable truck. Despite still being a lighter truck overall than before, you lose none of the towing and payload values that you have come to expect from a Ford. The new body of the F-350 has reduced the curb weight by up to 350 pounds, which means much better fuel efficiency. This is true…

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