Are you in need of replacement parts for your Ford car, truck or SUV? Have you been trying to find a durable, reliable part you know will do the job? Maybe you've struggled trying to get the perfect part around Phoenix. Did you know our dealership in Surprise, Arizona utilizes OEM Ford parts for replacement?


An OEM part is just like the original. It's basically a replica built from the same manufacturer. In fact, OEM just means Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means you get the quality you deserve with your Ford car, truck or SUV. You've probably put a few great miles and memories on your vehicle. You want to add many more. That's why it's crucial to use the best parts available for the job.


Maybe you're ready to change the brakes. Perhaps you need a replacement bumper. You could have been in an accident and need new mirrors or headlights. Maybe the suspension or steering parts need to be replaced. It could be your engine or drivetrain. There are many reasons why you could be searching for replacement parts for your Ford. A vehicle is made up of many parts. One issue could damper your mood when you want to see it run smooth or look great every day.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

What is the difference between an OEM part and something from the aftermarket? The OEM part was designed and built by the original manufacturer. This means they know the exact specifications the product needs to be. An aftermarket part may have been mass produced to fit several makes and models. It might not fit correctly. It may not last as long. It hasn't been factory tested like an OEM part.

Higher Quality for your Ford Vehicles

Quality is an important asset of any great part. Any great vehicle is the sum of its parts. OEM quality is elite because it comes directly from the manufacturer who designed it to begin with. It's built to fit your exact make and model. There aren't any issues with calculations or the fit. It's also durable and meant to last. It's built with the best material possible.

Support You Can Depend On

OEM Brakes and Parts

Some vehicles have a warranty that specify OEM parts need to be used for repair. The OEM parts will typically enable your vehicle to last longer and be in the shop less. This will cost you less in the long run. Our team of professionals provide a ton of support from the moment you drive into our bay. We'll answer any questions you have about OEM parts. We can talk about the value they provide. We know from experience OEM parts can make a big difference.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

The OEM parts also are easier to replace than aftermarket parts. This is because of the true fit of an exact replica. The OEM parts are built just like the part they will replace. The aftermarket parts are sometimes engineered to fit multiple vehicles. This could provide for some sticky situations when trying to fit the part on your vehicle.

You can visit our dealership's parts department today for more information. We can give you an estimate on specific OEM parts or get you on the schedule.


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