Ford Tire Service Tips & Tricks

Check out this video to see some important tire care tips and to find out more about Ford tire service in Surprise!

Has your car been pulling to the right or left when you drive? Is your steering wheel vibrating badly while stopped at a light? Do you notice your car struggling to brake? All of these could be symptoms of tire damage, which you should address immediately to maintain the integrity of this vital piece of automotive equipment.

Take a look below to find out more about your tires and what to look out for when it comes to potential tire failure.

Is Low Tire Tread Bad for Your Car?

Yes it is! Your tire's tread is actually a very big part of why your car runs safety and smoothly on the roadways, giving the vehicle the necessary grip and hold on the payment that that it needs to drive properly. When you have low tread, your car will begin to underperform, showcasing symptoms from skidding and sliding on the road to braking slower.

How Do I Do the Penny Test?

The infamous "penny test" has long been the easy and affordable way to check your tires' tread levels. As we said above, low tire tread can be very bad for your vehicle and your safety, which is why it's best to keep a close eye on it so you know when it's time to have your tires replaced.

If you want to perform the penny test, simply take a penny and place Lincoln upside down in the tread. Can you see the president's hair? Then you need new tires. All you see is his distinctive nose? Then your tread is still at appropriate levels.

What Is the Recommended Tire Pressure for a Ford?

If you drive a new Ford car, you'll find that the recommended tire pressure is between 30-35 psi. If your tires fall below 30 psi, its best to bring your car into our Surprise tire shop to have one of our technicians inspect the tire then fill it back up to an optimum level.

Most experts also recommend not filling your tire up too much, as overfilling may cause the tire to blow out. That's also why it's best to have an expert mechanic do any repair work! A certified mechanic will also be able to check the tire for any other possible signs of tire damage, including punctures, cuts, bulges or bubbles.

Is There a Surprise Tire Shop Near Me That Offers Affordable Tire Service?

Why yes there is! At Surprise Ford, we have a full staff of certified service technicians who can help diagnose and repair any tire issues on your new or used car. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience, then head down to our Waddell Road tire center, and we'll have you fixed up and ready to go in no time!


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