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How Often Should I Service My Ford Explorer?

Maintaining your Ford Explorer properly is essential for the car's health and performance. To keep the vehicle in top shape, you'll want to follow specific Ford Explorer service intervals, which generally begin at 15,000 miles. Your Explorer will need to have repeat maintenance as it ages to ensure it stays in top health and prime working condition. The optimal Ford Explorer maintenance schedule is located in your Explorer's owner's manual. The owner's manual that comes with your car details what services the car requires and when you'll need to contact us for an inspection.

15,000-Mile Service

Your Ford Explorer will need the first series of services at 15,000 miles. Your Explorer will be due for an oil change at this time, and it will need to get a new engine filter as well. The car's tires are rotated and balanced. The tires also have their pressure levels checked at this point, and they are inspected to make sure they have sufficient tread left. The cabin air filter also gets changed at 15,000 miles.

30,000-Mile Service

At 30,000 miles, your Ford Explorer will need a slightly longer list of services. The Explorer will have the oil changed again, and it will get a fresh engine filter and a cabin air filter. The tires are rotated, and the car may have an alignment performed. The front axle is also checked at 30,000 miles, and the exhaust system and heat shields are inspected. The coolant fluid system levels are checked, and the Ford will have its rear axle, and U-joints inspected. The Ford's parking brake is checked at 30,000 miles, and it will get a brake pad inspection.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, Ford recommends another change of the car's oil, and it will also need to have the oil filter replaced. The cabin air filter also gets changed. The brake pads and rotors are checked, along with the front axle, exhaust system, coolant fluid, hoses, and heat shields. The U-joints are checked at 60,000 miles, and the wheels are inspected as well.

90,000-Mile Service

When your Ford reaches 90,000 miles, it will be due for a replacement of all fluids, including an oil change and a flush of the transmission fluid. Your car will also get power steering fluid. This inspection also includes evaluating the front axle, the rear axle, ball joints, steering linkage, tie-rod ends, and suspension system. The wheels are checked as well, and the oil life monitor is reset.

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