Find Out Why You Should Be Getting Regular Brake Service

Click play on this educational video to discover why brake inspections are needed to keep your new or used car happy and healthy!

Surprise Ford is a top destination for Ford brake service near Phoenix. As a responsible car owner, it's imperative that your bring your vehicle down to our service center for routine brake inspection by the time your car reaches 10,000 miles to ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition. The number of Surprise residents requiring brake repair near Phoenix continues to climb due to neglected car service. To avoid needing your brakes repaired, schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected at our service center as soon as possible.

Common Brake Repairs & Services

Routine brake inspection helps keep your brakes in tip-top shape, but over time, you will need to replace select components in order to ensure your braking system work effectively. As your vehicle ages, so do your brake pads, and worn brake pads can lead to accidents if they're not replaced. These, along with your rotors, drums and brake calipers, may need to be repaired over time. It's also necessary to receive brake fluid exchange when recommended by your Ford maintenance schedule to properly maintain your brakes.

At Surprise Ford, we proudly offer brake service near Phoenix and can handle each of these repairs.

Ford Brake Service

Top Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair near Phoenix

Not sure if your car's brakes need repairs? Keep an eye out for these top signs to find out:

  • Your car jerks when braking
  • You hear a grinding noise or squealing when braking
  • Your car takes a long time to stop
  • Your brake light is illuminated on your dashboard

If you experience any of these signs when braking in your Ford car, truck or SUV, contact us today and we'll make the necessary arrangements to get your brakes serviced immediately. Your safety is important to us, and we'll do everything we can to ensure your car keeps you secure while on the road.


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