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There are a few reasons why your car might shake while you drive, all of which are serious issues that should never be ignored. Here, we'll go through the more common reasons why a vehicle might shake while you drive, but the only way to know for sure what is wrong with your car is to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians at your earliest possible convenience.

The Engine

Your car's engine could be causing it to vibrate if you have faulty spark plugs or a dirty air filter. Most spark plugs are good for 80,000 to 100,000, although the lifespan varies from one vehicle to the next. If you notice any shaking in your car, check your spark plugs first, especially if they are older. If they seem okay, check your air filter next. It could be dirty or clogged, which will prevent oxygen from getting into your engine, which in turn could be causing your vehicle to shake.

Worn Brakes

As your brakes wear down over time, you might notice your car start to shake when you step on the brake pedal. This is a serious issue that should never be ignored, but it is also relatively easy to fix. In most cases, you only need to switch out your brake pads, a routine procedure.


Your vehicle's wheels are more complex than you might think and consist of many components that can wear out. These include tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and ball joints. You might notice your steering wheel start to shake when these parts start to wear down, so schedule an appointment with a mechanic as soon as you think you have this problem.


Your vehicle has two axles, one that connects the front two wheels and connects the back two. They can also be dented or bent fairly easily in minor collisions that may have otherwise left your vehicle undamaged. You'll notice your vehicle vibrate as you accelerate if this is the case.


Finally, unexplained vibration can be caused by bad tires. You'll notice this if you drive on bald, underinflated, or misaligned tires. Shaking could be a sign that your tires need to be replaced, but it is just as likely that you need to inflate your tires or have them realigned.

Unexplained shaking is never a good sign when you drive. If you suspect that you have one of these problems, contact Surprise Ford today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians. We can look over your vehicle and determine what repairs will be needed to get it safely back on the road.


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