Car Oil Types

Choosing the Motor Oil That's Right for Your Automobile

You've likely taken your vehicle to get a routine oil change performed before, but do you know what kind of oil is being used for this maintenance? There are a few different motor oil types that we use here at Surprise Ford. Synthetic and conventional oil are just a couple of common ones, and there are specific criteria that help our certified technicians determine which to recommend. We'll take into account the make and model of your automobile, the recommendations set forth by your manufacturer, the mileage on your odometer, and the age of your vehicle.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you're ready to spend a little extra money on your motor oil to achieve the best results and increased efficiency, we recommend going with full synthetic motor oil. You'll be able to take advantage of higher viscosity ratings which equate to protection against sludge, oxidation, and thermal breakdown. It's optimal for vehicles driven in climates that have varying weather patterns (extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter).

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

A synthetic blend motor oil is comprised of synthetic and conventional oil, with some additives included in the mix. There is adequate protection from this product, with added affordability. Think about making the jump from conventional to synthetic blend.

Conventional Motor Oil

Most people utilize conventional oil, thanks to its affordability. It works quite well for vehicles that don't travel far distances, and seasonal temperatures remain pretty stable throughout the course of a year.

High Mileage Motor Oil

A vehicle requires a bit of additional care when it's hit the 75,000-mile mark. You can reduce your overall oil consumption and reduce your emissions output by utilizing high mileage motor oil for your routine service. Additionally, this type of motor oil utilizes seal conditioners to minimize potential leaks within the oil tank.

Contact Surprise Ford if you're located in the Surprise area and are interested in making an appointment for a routine oil change. We can talk to you about what type of motor oil would be best for your vehicle based on the recommendations in your owner's manual and other data that we collect from you.

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