Ford Marverick  

Responding to demands from consumers and investors, Ford is expected to introduce an all-new pickup truck for the compact segment in the U.S. The domestic auto brand is currently finalizing the design plans for the truck, expected to be dubbed Maverick.

This small pickup truck will likely be manufactured in an existing plant in Mexico. The same assembly plant currently builds the Ford Bronco SUV, which made its debut in 2021. Therefore, it's expected that both Ford models will share the same mechanical platform and chassis. The patented EcoBoost turbocharged engine and a 4x4 drive system with multiple driving modes might be some major performance-related highlights for the Maverick.

However, the towing capacity of this light-duty pickup truck will probably be comparable with the Transit Connect van. Based on current projections, the Maverick should easily tow slightly more than 1,500 pounds. Hitches, pins, and other towing hardware will be readily available for easy connections.

Ford Maverick Front View

The Ford Maverick and Ranger were recently spotted together on American streets during a test drive. The all-new model is noticeably smaller in size than the midsize Ranger. However, the Maverick has more prominent geometric features on its lightweight body and fascia. Despite having a compact platform, this all-new Ford pickup truck offers sufficient storage space on its bed.

According to recent images, the Maverick adopts the popular Crew Cab design widely available for other Ford pickup trucks. This two-row cabin is typically large enough to accommodate up to five adult occupants with four fixed doors. The first-row seats may have bucket-style designs for extra comfort. The photographs also revealed 17.0-inch tires with the Falken Wildpeak label. Since the robust vehicle is designed for off-roading, these premium tires are optimized for all-terrain performance.

The Maverick will most likely employ some of Ford's most advanced technologies, including the SYNC 4 infotainment system and Co-Pilot360 safety suite. Wireless smartphone connectivity should be readily available inside the compact cabin of this light-duty pickup truck—a color touch screen will standard inside the functional cockpit. For example, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will supplement the FordPass Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi. This all-new Ford pickup truck is expected to have a handful of driving aids for urban and rural roads, from automatic braking and multiple cameras to lane-changing alerts and blind-spot monitors.

The Ford Maverick is scheduled to fully enter the American marketplace as a 2022 model. We will provide additional updates on this compact pickup truck.