One of the most significant challenges that continue to affect billions of people across the world is poverty. Based on recent research, some estimate that as many as 80% of the world's population lives in some level of poverty. One of the reasons why poverty continues to exist is because children across the globe are not receiving the education they need to learn and thrive.

One organization based in Phoenix, AZ, that aims to help ensure that kids can receive a good education is Steps of Love. The Steps of Love organization was founded in 2016 by Kathleen Duncan. After spending over 20 years of her life traveling to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, she was saddened to learn that many kids in this community did not receive the education that people in the United States take for granted. It was found that public school is not available for older kids for free in most areas of Mexico, and the cost of sending them can be a significant expense that parents cannot manage.

Education supplies on a desk 

Through the Steps of Love organization, people can donate directly to help fund a child's education. Steps of Love works to raise donations from people all over the world. They then take the money raised to help fund both public school and special needs programs in cities all over the country. They are also focused on helping schools teach English to children as it can help to open up future professional opportunities.

In the five years since it was established, Steps of Love has continued to provide excellent support to the educational system of Puerto Penasco and other areas of Mexico. The organization's future goal is to find more ways to give back and improve the education system in this country. Those interested can donate school supplies, sponsor an individual student, or give funds to the global effort. This can help ensure that all kids can get the education they need and deserve.

Learn more about Steps of Love, and find out ways you can help, by visiting their website today.