2022 Ford E-Transit  

If you enjoy the Ford Transit, but you've ever hoped to get a more fuel-efficient van to drive, the Ford E-Transit is your solution. The Ford Transit is historically one of the best-selling commercial vehicles in its class. The 2022 Ford Transit updates its tried-and-true collection with the addition of the Ford E-Transit, a new hybrid version of the familiar favorite. The Ford E-Transit is proudly designed and produced by Ford in the US. While an electric-based powertrain is a highlight of the Ford E-Transit, it also has a number of other amenities that make it enjoyable to drive and comfortable for passengers throughout your journey.

On average, Ford projects the E-Transit to get about 125 miles of electric range. The Ford E-Transit has varying levels of charge power and time. The Ford E-Transit has a 67 kWh battery and an electric motor that provides the van with rear-wheel drive power. Combined with the battery, the electric motor on the E-Transit produces about 265 HP and just over 315 LB-FT in torque. The Ford E-Transit has a responsive accelerator and instant torque due to its innovative mechanical configuration. Charging the Ford E-Transit on the road is also easy. The Ford can be charged with two different charge ports. You can use a 240V power charging cord at home to provide the E-Transit with about 10 miles in all-electric range. You can get up to 15 miles of all-electric range by using a Connected Charge System at home or a public charging station. This system provides the Ford E-Transit with a bit more power. If you are fully charging the battery at home, charging the car using the Connected Charge Station takes about eight hours. If you choose to stop at a DC charge station, you can get up to 30 miles of electric range by charging the van for 10 minutes, and you'll get about 45 miles of range if you charge it for 15 minutes. The Ford E-Transit has a maximum payload of 4,290 pounds if you get the cutaway model.

Along with the performance features that it offers, the Ford E-Transit is also a tech-savvy van. The Ford E-Transit is equipped with the latest in Ford's infotainment technology called Sync 4. Sync 4 technology includes many innovative features for the Ford E-Transit, including better connectivity and voice recognition technology. You can also get integrated navigation for your E-Transit.

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