Ford Driver Assist Tech

A Brand New Study By Ford

Ford's Co-Pilot360 is making big news today thanks to a recent study that shows the new technology might just eliminate something that's plagued drivers since cars were first on the road. Backseat drivers, those vocal, highly annoying passengers who love to shout out commands to the drivers while the driver is attempting to drive, might just be a thing of the past if Ford has its way. The new study shows that 68% of drivers believe Co-Pilot360 and similar driver-assist technology will make backseat drivers feel safe enough to finally stop shouting out and instead focus on their in-car technology. Will it actually work that way? Well, many people at Ford believe that the new driver-assist tech is going to cause backseat drivers to disappear completely.

How Ford Co-Pilot360 Works

The features of Co-Pilot360 completely take over the job of backseat drivers and make everyone in the car safer for doing so. Things like pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and other features mean that backseat drivers don't need to shout out anymore. Your Co-Pilot360 vehicle will be able to detect any driver errors and even correct them at times, meaning someone in the backseat can know they're safe and sound. There's no need to shout out that a pedestrian is in the way because your driver-assist technology already knows this and lets you know. In some cases, the technology can even correct driver error and leave the folks in your Ford-powered car feel safe and actually be safe. Backseat drivers only think they're making everyone safer. In reality, they're making the driver nervous. Unlike those annoying backseat drivers, Co-Pilot360 actually makes everyone in the car happier and safer. In a few years, as this technology becomes equipped on more Ford vehicles, it's likely that backseat drivers will go away completely. How's that for good news?

Learn More About Co-Pilot360

Our dealership is devoted to the Ford brand like no other dealership on earth. We love all things Ford, including the idea of Ford driver-assist technology eliminating backseat drivers from existence. We want those backseat drivers to become calm passengers just like you, and Ford's driver-assist technology promises to make that happen over the ensuing years. If you have any further questions about the study or Ford driver-assist tech, just give us a shout out by phone or by writing to us. We're always happy to discuss fascinating topics like this.