Ford Auto Maintenance

Each car comes off the lot with a maintenance schedule designed to keep the vehicle running for years to come. There are a variety of reasons; it is essential not to skip the maintenance for your car. These include extending the life of the car, peace of mind and safety, and maximizing trade-in or resale value.

To extend the life of the car, oil changes and proper fluid levels should be maintained. Having your oil changed on a regular schedule as recommended by the car manufacturer can have a real impact on your vehicle's operation. Also, making sure that other fluids, like water, anti-freeze, and brake fluid are at appropriate levels, can keep the car running smoothly.

Having periodic checks of your tires, brakes, and filters increase your peace of mind and the safety of the vehicle. Wear and tear on tires can contribute to blowouts. Low tire pressure also hurts car handling and performance. Worn brake pads can lead to more severe and costly brake problems, including replacing the braking mechanism and rotors.

Skipping car maintenance can reduce your car's resale or trade-in value. Many mechanics and dealerships provide an option to report car service activities to databases such as Carfax. Keeping up with the maintenance schedule shows a car is well cared for without any mechanical issues.

Finally and possibly most importantly, skipping car maintenance can jeopardize your car's warranty. If the vehicle suffers a mechanical issue covered by the warranty, the maintenance records may be reviewed for consistency with the factory's recommended schedule. If it is found that the maintenance has been neglected, the warranty may be voided.

Car maintenance is an important part of vehicle ownership. Call the professionals at Surprise Ford to schedule your appointment today.