Checking Engine for Problems

An engine can make very different noises depending on its size, how it is being driven and the condition that it is in. A variation in noises doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem. However, it is important to pay attention to any noise that seems out of the norm. You can get your vehicle checked out if you suspect that there is a problem. Remember that it is a lot easier to get your vehicle checked out while a problem is minor. When you leave that problem for a while then you face bigger and more expensive repairs. Let’s talk about some of the most common engine noises that you may notice that will require immediate attention from a professional.

Knocking and Pinging

An engine that is making a very low knocking sound could potentially mean that there are worn out parts within your engine’s structure. These sounds may get worse when you accelerate. If you leave parts alone that should be replaced, such as rod bearings, then you could face your engine completely shutting down while you are on the road. Have your vehicle looked at immediately to prevent any kind of accident or unfortunate event from taking place.


There are many parts of your vehicle that can make a clicking or ticking noise as they work. This can include, timing chains, rocker arms and the camshaft. These noises are usually quiet enough that you won’t hear them unless you are looking out for them specifically. When something is wrong with any of these parts then you may notice the clicking is louder. Make sure that the clicking isn't coming from your wheel well or another area of your vehicle. An issue with your brakes or brake pedal would present itself as clicking that you might feel as a pulse inside of your vehicle while you are driving.

Are There Noises Upon Acceleration?

Ford Service Light Panel

There may be a part of your vehicle that needs to be repaired and you may not know it. Upon starting your vehicle there is no sign of a problem. When you are coasting down the road everything sounds ok. It is only during acceleration that you hear an issue. A noise while accelerating can indicate a minor problem. Typically these issues will only get worse over a short amount of time. Don’t wait for your vehicle to make these noises every time you hit the gas pedal. If you notice it happening more than twice, then it might be time to make a service appointment just to have everything checked out.

Deceleration Noises Also Indicate Problems

If you have accelerated your vehicle up to speed and are driving along, you may hear a sudden drop of power. Your vehicle might temporarily slow and the engine doesn’t seem to be responding. This problem might fix itself just as quickly as it came about. Don’t assume that this was a one-time problem. Have your vehicle checked out when something as important as power to the engine is in question.

If you hear something odd happen while you are driving, it is important to pay attention and see what you can hear. There will be times when you hear something but are unable to diagnose an issue. That sound may never present itself again. If an issue is ongoing then you need to have your vehicle inspected and have repairs completed. This will ensure that the vehicle you are driving is safe and will be reliable for many more years to come. Stop down to Surprise Ford if you have any questions or concerns.