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About Steps of Love in Phoenix

Education supplies on a desk  

One of the most significant challenges that continue to affect billions of people across the world is poverty. Based on recent research, some estimate that as many as 80% of the world's popular lives in some level of poverty. One of the reasons why poverty continues to exist is because children across the globe are not receiving the education they need to learn and thrive.

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5 Tips While Social Distancing During Covid-19 Pandemic

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While social distancing is not a new concept, it's the first time that many citizens have been ordered to practice it. While spending some relaxing days at home may seem like a lot of fun to begin with, you may find yourself going stir crazy after a while. Here are five activities that you can do to keep yourself safe and healthy.

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Why Millennials Love Ford SUVs

Millennials love Ford

Ford SUVs are strong with young buyers mainly because it was the SUV they grew up with. As a top seller for years, Millennials grew up in their parents Explorer or Expedition. Now, they want to get their own Ford SUV so they can enjoy years of reliable and carefree driving.

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