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Preview: 2022 Ford E-Transit

2022 Ford E-Transit 
The Ford Transit is historically one of the best-selling commercial vehicles in its class. The 2022 Ford Transit updates its tried-and-true collection with the addition of the Ford E-Transit, a new hybrid version of the familiar favorite. The Ford E-Transit is proudly designed and produced by Ford in the US. While an electric-based powertrain is a highlight of the Ford E-Transit, it also has a number of other amenities that make it enjoyable to drive and comfortable for passengers throughout your journey.
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Ford Mustang Mach-E EV of the Year

Ford Mustang Mach-E EV of the Year 
The Mustang Mach-E has proven to be a great addition to the Mustang family for many reasons. The Mustang Mach-E is already an award-winning car that's received top honors and recognition from many respectable names in the auto industry. One of the Mustang's achievements is that it has earned the title of “EV of the Year” by Car and Driver. To earn this award, the Mustang met the qualifying criteria of providing exceptional value, a fun driving experience, and convincing auto enthusiasts to select an electric vehicle over a gasoline-based car for their next ride.
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How To Start My Ford With My Phone


Your life just got even simpler thanks to the FordPass app that allows you to start your Ford vehicle with your phone remotely. It only takes minutes to set the app up on your phone, and you can prepare your interior before you slide in behind the wheel. If it's a warm summer day, have the air conditioning flowing before you arrive. On colder days, get rid of that chill by having the heat on. You can also use the FordPass app to control your locks if you forgot to secure your vehicle before leaving it. You can manage…

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Car

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

The car that you own is a place you spend a lot of time, making it necessary to have it fit your driving needs and accommodate your lifestyle as you're on the go. When you're ready to buy a new car, it's essential to give a lot of thought to what you purchase to ensure it works well long-term. There are a few main tips to follow if you want to find the perfect car to use.

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How is Ford Driver Assist Technology Stopping Backseat-Driver Behaviors On The Road?

Ford Driver Assist Tech

A Brand New Study By Ford

Ford's Co-Pilot360 is making big news today thanks to a recent study that shows the new technology might just eliminate something that's plagued drivers since cars were first on the road. Backseat drivers, those vocal, highly annoying passengers who love to shout out commands to the drivers while the driver is attempting to drive, might just be a thing of the past if Ford has its way.

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The 2020 Ford F-Series Gets a New V8 Engine

2020 Ford Super Duty

The World's Largest V8 Engines

Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks will be rolling out their 2020 models this fall with one of the world's largest V8 engines which will increase many of the F-Series capabilities. To further sweeten the deal, these engines can be converted to run on natural gas, unlike previous strictly-diesel models which can save a lot of money at the pump.

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The Updated 2019 Ford F-350 Explored

2019 Ford F-350

What's New for the 2019 Ford F-350?

For the newest models of Ford Super Duty trucks, Ford used military-grade aluminum alloy to reduce the weight of the body. With that saved weight, they have put in a heavy-duty steel frame and chassis for an incredibly durable truck. Despite still being a lighter truck overall than before, you lose none of the towing and payload values that you have come to expect from a Ford. The new body of the F-350 has reduced the curb weight by up to 350 pounds, which means much better fuel efficiency. This is true…

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