How to Pair Your Phone with SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3

What is SYNC 3?

With the ever-increasing popularity of multimedia devices and their software extensions on third-party systems, the automobile industry has found new footing in smart driving technology alongside enhanced Bluetooth functionality in the latest car models. Android Auto recently made its debut, self-driving cars are on the rise, and Ford's SYNC 3 technology has brought a new level of integration on the road ahead. With vehicles now coming prepackaged with what's essentially a tablet built into the dashboard, it's becoming easier to stay connected wherever you are.

SYNC 3 is the latest version of the SYNC multimedia platform that epitomizes Ford's efforts to modernize in-cabin car entertainment and productivity services on the fly. It's a system all on its own that brings music, text messages, navigation, radio, hands-free phones calls, climate control and more under a single unified operating system. What's even cooler is the third-party integration of apps and services, allowing SYNC 3 to essentially replace the driver's phone while on the roll. The system has been optimized for use in situations where the operator is driving, improving the spectrum of functionality while also keeping everyone safer on the road.

Why and How to Connect SYNC 3

Of course, SYNC 3 wouldn't be everything it was meant for without the power to hook up to your handheld smart device and sync your information with the system. This means that your phone calls and music playlists will display on the in-cabin screen where you can easily control it. But these features have been around for years — what's the big deal with SYNC 3 and why should you use it? In this article, we'll take you through the steps to show you how easy it is to find out for yourself.

  1. Select the Phone option at the bottom of the dashboard screen.
  3. Find System Settings in the menu by using the arrow keys to navigate, then select OK.
  5. Find Add Bluetooth Device and select OK.
  7. When Find SYNC is displayed on the screen, select OK again.
  9. The on-screen instructions will direct you to turn on the Bluetooth radio in your smartphone to pair the two devices. On your smartphone, SYNC 3 should populate on the list with SYNC in the title.
  11. Once paired, your smartphone should automatically connect to SYNC 3 when you turn the car on. In the event that it doesn't, you can simply retrace the above steps to find your device in the Bluetooth devices list and manually reconnect it again.

As you can see, it's quite simple to get your handset connected to your new Ford. This allows SYNC 3 to capture much of the information that your smartphone displays and reflect it on the dashboard screen instead, including:

  • Music, both local and streaming
  • Text messages, including a text-to-speech engine for your safety
  • Phone calls, including the name and number of your caller
  • Spotify, iHeartRadio, Accuweather and more

The Bottom Line

If you're interested in checking out more great features of Ford's latest automobiles, feel free to call or stop in at our dealership for more information. We'll be happy to give a tour of what we have to offer. In addition, we'll gladly let you try out SYNC 3 and see how it revolutionizes the driving experience for the multitasker in you. When everything in your world seems disconnected, regain control and stay synchronized with Ford.

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